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What to expect in your box:

Well... It's a secret! The best part of us planning the date for you is that you both get to enjoy a surprise together! Here's what I can tell you: Each month will have a unique theme with activities to go along with it. The activities could include crafts, games, recipes, relationship building & challenge exercises, desserts, etc. Occasionally, boxes will even include a personalized gift and/or item for the home!


 5 Reasons to give it a try:

  1. You love new experiences together!

  2. You love surprise date nights!

  3. You are way too busy with a million other things like work and kids to plan a super fun & creative date night on your own!

  4. You could use a fun way to build your relationship & grow an even stronger bond!

  5. You've gotten into the same routine of dinner and a movie or Netflix and want to change it up a little!